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Maddy + Braddon | Barn on the Ridge  South Coast, NSW


Step into Maddy and Brandon's love story, beautifully captured in the idyllic heartland of Milton, NSW. Nestled amid rolling rills and framed by breathtaking views of Didthul (Pigeon House Mountain) and the Budawang Ranges, their union unfolded at The Barn On The Ridge—a venue where contemporary luxury seamlessly intertwines with rustic charm.

Maddy and Brandon's wedding was a fusion of tradition and modernity, exemplifying their deep connection and unwavering faith. The picturesque setting of Milton provided the perfect backdrop for their love to blossom, while The Barn On The Ridge served as the enchanting canvas for their unique celebration.

In this album, witness the essence of their special day—a modern take on a traditional Christian ceremony that was distinctly them. Each photograph is a testament to the genuine love, joy, and faith that radiated from Maddy and Brandon, creating a timeless narrative etched against the backdrop of nature's splendor and the rustic allure of The Barn On The Ridge.

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