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Anne + Rhys | The Woods Farm
  South Coast, NSW


Journey into the sunlit celebration of Anne and Rhys, as they exchanged vows amidst the whispering scribly gums and the gentle hum of cicadas on a radiant day in May. The natural beauty of Jervis Bay's bushland provided the perfect backdrop for their union, and The Woods Farm, with its rustic charm adorned by modern flair, added a touch of enchantment to their love story.

Surrounded by vast paddocks, graceful horses, and the vibrant plumes of peacocks, Anne and Rhys' day unfolded in a picturesque setting that seamlessly blended the magic of nature with fairytale touches. Manicured gardens framed their path, creating a storybook atmosphere that mirrored the romance of their journey.

In this album, capture the essence of Anne and Rhys' love story—a day kissed by nature's beauty, adorned with fairytale details, and brimming with the vibrant energy of friends and family who came together to celebrate from every corner of the globe.

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